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Alright, that's it—someone had better get on with making that 120-port USB desk hub right about now, because there's yet another ubiquitous device that's being powered by USB. Brother Japan has developed a USB sewing machine that will be powered by the PC. The two models, Innovis M200 and the Innovis N150, both come with preset designs of traditional Chinese and Japanese characters as well as Disney characters (The N150 has a special embroidery add-on for more complicated designs). Newer designs can be downloaded from the website, and there's a color touchscreen on the machine which you can use to select designs, and will also display the instructions. The M200 will cost $2,375 while the N150 will cost $1,800. They'll be available in Japan in November, and seeing as they're using Disney-copyrighted images, they probably won't be coming to our shores any time soon.

USB sewing machines from Brother the Innovis M200 and N150 [New Launches]


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