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...for Think Geek has a Molecular Cuisine Starter Kit that should get you well on the way toward that coveted sous chef job at Alinea you've been eyeing ever since Chez Gizmodo's Taste Test.


At $70, it's not necessarily cheap, but the exotic vaporizer dishes you'll be cooking up in the near future at your chic molecular gastro-pub will no doubt make that money back and then some. The full, expanded materials list includes:

5 sets of food-additives:
- Agar-agar - 10 sachets of 20g each
- Calcium Lactate - 10 sachets of 20g each
- Sodium Alginate - 10 sachets of 20g each
- Soy Lecithin - 10 sachets of 20g each
- Xanthan Gum - 10 sachets of 20g each

1 set of tools:
- 1 syringe
- 5 pipettes
- 3 lengths of 18" silicone tubing
- 1 slotted spoon
1 set of measuring spoons

When all is said and done you'll have 50 different dishes to make and experiment with using family and friends. Just don't kill them! Instead, slay them figuratively with your Beet Foam and Arugula Spaghetti.[Think Geek]

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