This Website Makes Building Lego Mosaics as Easy as Uploading a Photo

Lego gives you unrestricted artistic and architectural expression. That is what's so great about those tiny blocks of awesome, but not everyone has the time or patience to create a brick-filled masterpiece. One website hopes to change that.

Brick-A-Pic wants to help you create your own designs and photos with Lego. Once you've chosen a photo up to 5,000 pixels, the site's software algorithm will spit out a parts list and instructions. The team will then pick out your parts (for a price) and ship them to you so you can create and be amazed by your artistic genius. Right now, the website only creates Lego-like avatars, giving a glimpse at the piece-by-piece possibilities, but one successful round of crowdfunding can bring their art ambitions to life.


The project faces a few challenges, as the team explains on its Kickstarter page. For one, Lego only makes 16 colors, which would make for pretty abstract creations. By adding in Lego's retired color roster, that number jumps up to 45, making more accurate representations possible.

Also, the team needs to build on the software it already has by adding an image editor so customers can tweak photos to perfection. Oh, they also need to buy a crap ton of Lego—87,527 bricks to be exact—just to fulfill initial crowdfunding orders.

Creating Lego mosaics is nothing new. Programs like PicToBrick or Photobricks offer similar (and in some cases more detailed) tools for free, but getting the bricks is all up to you. With Brick-A-Pic, you pay for the convenience. Sure, you could do all of the legwork yourself and pick out every piece, or you can spend less time shopping and more time building. Go ahead, and take the credit: I'm sure Brick-A-Pic can keep a secret. [Ars Technica]


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