Bullet-Proof Convertible Is Slightly Unclear on the Concept

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When you're cruising the mean streets of the French Riviera, a bullet-proof ride is a must. But how do you stay secure and let the wind blow through your hair? With the Jo-Mojo armored coupe.

Designed by Estonian armored manufacturer, Dartz, and built on the existing gas-powered Mojo vehicle, the Jo-Mojo will feature an 80HP, zero-emission electric engine. That's enough power to hit 60MPH in just under ten seconds (top speed of 125MPH)—not good for quick getaways but with an armor-plated body, holographic paint coating, and patented bulletproof tires, what's the rush? Oh right, because your attackers just need to aim slightly higher on account of no roof. To be fair, it does include a cover that locks the vehicle when parked and includes integrated solar cells that help keep the battery topped off.


The Jo-Mojo will retail for $40,000 when it debuts the middle of next year and is expected to be in high demand among jet-setters along the Azure Coast. [Jalopnik]