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Bungee Jumping Clock Proves Who's the Real Cuckoo

Illustration for article titled Bungee Jumping Clock Proves Whos the Real Cuckoo

Being a bird? That's not so crazy. But free falling with nothing but an elastic tether? Yeah, that's pretty cuckoo.


This bungee jumper "cuckoo clock" concept probably won't ever exist in real life. But imagine, if you will, sitting around grandma's dinner table, admiring the kitsch, when a figurine shouts, "It's ten o'clock, hee-ha!" before falling just the proper length to smack you on the head.

Recovering from the non-concussion, you realize why grandma sat you in that chair, awkwardly stuffed into the corner. She wanted to state, tacitly, that her clock had bigger balls than you. And as with all of grandma's lessons, the truth stings a bit before you remember the pain is just in your head as the poor, senile woman puts out a bowl of fresh cat food for her pet that died a decade ago. [Mintpass]

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Above narrative aside, this is a pretty sweet idea. I think a clock that yelled "it's ten o'clok, yee-ha!" would be awesome.