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But Will This Quadcopter Restaurant Waiter Remember Your Nut Allergy?

Sushi restaurants have always seemed to be on the cutting edge of food delivery technology. First it was conveyor belts parading an endless array of dishes past your table, and now YO! Sushi, a restaurant chain in the UK, is introducing a pair of quadcopter waiters to deliver patrons' food.


Whether or not the quadcopters will become a permanent fixture at the restaurant remains to be seen, but for the time being they're being used to promote a new lightweight option on the chain's menus. And while, at least in theory, the quadcopters would be cheaper than human waiters since they don't take smoke breaks or need to be tipped, they still require a person at the controls to ensure the food safely arrives at the tables, instead of, you know, just disappearing into the sky. [YouTube via Newlaunches via Daily Mail]

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This a idiotic. Why waste money on the device when it only slows the speed at which the waitress can actually deliver the sushi?