Buy custom community designed sets with Cuusoo Brick

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Crowd funding site Cuusoo has teamed up with grey market Lego reselling marketplace Bricklink to bring us Cuusoo Brick. Custom builds can now be nominated on the site and once you reach the 100 vote threshold, the designer has the option to sell their creation to the public.


Though not an official Lego company venture, this process is very similar to what started as Lego Cuusoo and later became Lego Ideas. The main difference is that instead of waiting for a review process from The Lego Group on if your set can/will get made, with Cuusoo Brick, once the project gets the required 100 votes and is approved by the original creator, retailers can start selling the necessary bricks to build your project.

Here is how it works.

CUUSOO BRICK is a new platform, launched in December 17, 2014, where all brick fans can recommend and share brick projects that are not commercialized.

Established in 2008, LEGO® CUUSOO was the first consumer-generated brick community based on our company's mission,

"Help users get what they want." After the success of LEGO® CUUSOO – which was transferred to LEGO® as LEGO® IDEAS in April 2014 – we found that we still haven't reached all brick fans since launching of LEGO® CUUSOO.

We realized that even though most fans are not highly skilled brick artists, they do recognize and appreciate great brick projects.

CUUSOO BRICK is a platform for all such brick fans to recommend and share buzz worthy creations. CUUSOO BRICK is sponsored by BrickLink MOC Shop.

Founded in 2000, BrickLink is the world's largest marketplace to buy and sell LEGO parts, sets, and minifigs.

Once the brickwork recommended at CUUSOO BRICK achieves 100 votes, it will may be available to purchase at Bricklink MOC Shop.

CUUSOO BRICK is an unofficial LEGO® community page.

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All project needs 100 votes for review. Once the threshold is met, a CUUSOO BRICK AWARD will be given.


Contact original creator

CUUSOO BRICK contacts the original creator of the recommended brick project for distribution or building instructions.


Approved project can be purchased at

Upon original creator's approval, building instructions and parts will be available at Bricklink. Both the original creator and user who recommended the brick project will receive royalties based on the brick project's sales.

This is a very interesting way to do this as I'm still not sure why the person who nominated the build gets royalties for a design that wasn't theirs, but it could turn out to be a very interesting and somewhat easier way to get the elements necessary to create builds that were turned down on Lego Ideas or simply weren't ever submitted. I imagine when it all irons out, it will sort of work like a weird version of Etsy for buying various Lego art.

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