Buy Designer Laptops for a Good Cause

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PC Magazine has partnered with HP and a slew of designers to create nine "computerlicious" (one-of-a-kind) laptops for a charity auction. Available on eBay now (and currently up to about $100 a pop), 100% of the auctions' proceeds will go to The National Cristina Foundation (they donate used PCs to schools and non-profits). If you've been looking for a good way to make your new laptop a tax deductible endeavor (or if you just really like Paul Frank), head on over to eBay and do some bidding. [eBay and PCMag]


Shamoononon drives like a farmer


A slightly more attractive design than the turd laden one you showed us a week or so ago but still not looking so hot. I really have no idea why people would want anything other than a nice, clean, inconspicuous black laptop.