Buy Your Own Face for $299, Or Someone Else's...

Your face has worked out so far, but in the age of exploding laptop batteries and botched nose jobs, we can all use a spare. ThatsMyFace is a service that will create anything from a life-sized mask ($200) to a full 3D sculpture of your head ($2,000) with just two 2D images from you.The service appears to first 3Dize your pictures by hand, then use 3D printing technology for the physical production model. At least in this clip, the result is scarily realistic, even if a bit dead looking. Then again, with the lights turned low enough, it may be just enough to test whether or not your spouse would cheat on you for Josh Hartnett. (Saving you the money, we'll just let you know that the answer is they your wife or husband.) [ThatsMyFace via TechCrunch]

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After reviewing my photo, they told me not to bother calling back :'(