Call for Ridiculous Packaging Photos for Hall of Shame

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We've covered a few before, but since you guys keep uncovering examples of companies supplying you with gizmos in ridiculously voluminous packaging, we're building a new Hall of Shame to give these things a home, and embarrass the perpetrators.Oh, and in the spirit of Amazon's "frustration-free wrapping promise," and the vicious gash I got in my hand last week when unwrapping a simple flashdrive, let's bundle overly-protective gadget wrapping in there too. You know— those "plastic-wrapped in seven different bullet-proof layers" blister packages, in a box, in a cellophane wrapper that even a chainsaw can't free-up inside of half an hour. We need your photos, chaps. Simply email me with the subject line "packaging hall of shame" at with your pics and a few words to describe your packaging woes. [BTW. I now how dumb it is to cut yourself on packaging. I've used enough scalpels and high-power lasers in my career to be careful with stuff. But you know, I swear that plastic they use is 50% unobtanium, 20% indestructiblium, and 30% scalpelbladeslippium. I swear. —Ed.]

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My mom only lets me use a dulled butterknife making it extremely hard to open said bubble packed gadgets.