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Callpod's Drone Bluetooth Adapter Automates Connecting Headphones and Headsets

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Callpod—maker of one of our favorite charging devices, the Chargepod—has just come out with a Bluetooth adapter called The Drone. What's special about this Bluetooth adapter that's not in any of the hundreds of other Bluetooth adapter sticks already out? It "automatically pairs itself with your headset or headphones," which saves about 30 seconds of waiting and having to type "0000" into some prompt.


It's also a Class 1 Bluetooth device, so you've got a theoretical range of 100 meters. Couple that with the Callpod Dragon and you've got a 100 meter headset setup that connects itself. Give it to your parents so you won't have to teach them over the phone how to connect a Bluetooth headset.


Check out Callpod's first ad spot for their Chargepod below. It's actually pretty neat and shows non-techies why it's useful for them.