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Calm Down, Apple Isn't Starting a Real Streaming Music Service

For a long time now, many have speculated Apple might start their own "all you can eat" streaming music service to compete against the likes of Rdio, MOG and Rhapsody. But anonymous industry sources are telling the Financial Times that Apple has no plans to "cannibalize" their iTunes download service, and that the technology they acquired in their 2009 purchase of Lala will be used for "insurance."

Instead of giving users unlimited access to the entire iTunes catalog, any planned cloud music service will scan a computer for any existing tracks, and then store a copy in their MobileMe-branded cloud for users to access remotely. Whether that will be all MP3s, or just iTunes downloads, is unknown. But people seem to think Apple will tell us more on Wednesday. [Financial Times via Ars Technica]


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So.... it'll be like a lame version of, since there will be no zune pass. Cool.

I'm still waiting for the rest of the world to realize that Zune/ is a very serious competitor for itunes/ipod as a media platform.