You can technically use it with any computer, but XtremeMac's new Tango Bar speaker is sporting Apple design fatigues, so it blends in best with its surroundings while perched under an iMac.

It's a rare occasion these days when a new speaker doesn't have Bluetooth or AirPort support, but the Tango Bar simply connects to your computer with a USB cable that carries both audio and power. Which, conveniently, enough supports Apple's ongoing mission to minimize cord clutter. Need to hook up an iPhone? You'll have to wreck the aesthetics with a line in cable.


As far as sound goes, the $100 Tango Bar is certainly a step up from what the iMac can do on its own, with ten watts powering a six speaker configuration including stereo dome tweeters and midrange drivers. And if the bass still isn't doing it for you, there's a port for a subwoofer. [XtremeMac via Wired]

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