Can a Haptic Connected Fork Really Encourage Healthy Eating Habits?

Illustration for article titled Can a Haptic Connected Fork Really Encourage Healthy Eating Habits?

Nike's FuelBand and other fitness trackers help you shed the pounds you've already accumulated. But a company called Hapilabs wants to stop you from gaining all that weight in the first place with a remarkably advanced fork that encourages you to take your time while dining.


Hapilabs HAPIfork might end up being the chunkiest utensil in your drawer, but that's because it's chock full of sensors that track when you start eating a meal, when you stop, how many bites you take, and the time taken between every forkful. Ideally your dining pace should have you taking a bite every ten seconds or so, and if you find yourself scarfing down a meal faster than that, the HAPIfork uses a capacitive system that will vibrate, reminding you to slow down.

The fork is also water-resistant, so while gingerly washing it by hand is fine, leaving it in a sink soaking over night isn't recommended. However, its electronic core can be easily removed if you want to toss it in a dishwasher. Pricing and availability details haven't been finalized as of yet, but an accompanying app that talks to the fork over Bluetooth will also be available, letting you monitor your dining habits over time. [HAPILABS]



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