Can You Help CERN Identify What's Happening in These Archive Images?

As an institute full of scientists, you might think CERN was good at keeping records. But it's happened upon a stash of archived images that seem to make no sense whatsoever—and it wants you to help it work out what they show.

The European scientists recently set about digitizing reams of images—roughly 120,000—taken between 1955 and 1985. But they realized that many of the images had never been captionaded and now, decades later, they're hard to interepret.


So, CERN has set up a site where you can help them. Below are some of our favorite images, along with the actual phrasing from CERN. Help these guys out? [CERN]

Who is this man and what is he paying such close attention to?

We have no sense of scale for this. Is is it some kind of pipe?


An extreme close-up of... something.


Decorating a wall with honeycomb? Unlikely...


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