Can You Help Us Say Yahoo! for Love, Scifi?

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If io9 exists for any reason, I'd like to think that it exists to screw with Yahoo! Answers, the online community where random Yahoosers ask questions for other random people to answer. Like, for example, this question:

I need a great science fiction book for a Valentine's Day gift, any suggestions?

Now, let's think about this for a second.

On the one hand, it's good to think outside of the card, candy and flowers box for Valentine gifts, Stellaluna, but on the other, you're really going to give a book? You couldn't even spring for tickets to Jumper or something, instead? Isn't a book a little... solitary? Maybe that's your game... Getting your Stellaluna partner to be preoccupied with a slab of word scifi so that you can go off and do terrible things with another person and using Yahoo! Answers to come up with your alibi... That's harsh, dude.


Not that the answers to the question so far have really grasped the idea of romance any better. Friends don't let friends watch Bicentenial Man, atoms555; I don't care if it's based on an Asimov novel or not. Also: Fahrenheit 451? Stranger In A Strange Land? Where's the love, people? Where's the romance?

Best answer is this, though:

THE FOUNDATION TRILOGY by Issac Asimov is one of the best science-fiction novels of all time.

Or you could get one of my books:


THE SPACEJACKER TRIAL and Other Science Fiction Stories by Richard Buchko ($12)

I am my favorite writer.

Hey, you asked...!

She didn't ask for a plug, Rich.

But, anyway, back to my point. You are all learned and tasteful people. Well, almost all. Go over there and give Stellaluna some good scifi book suggestions so that the love of her life gets something decent this year, huh?

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I need a great science fiction book for a Valentine's Day gift [Yahoo! Answers]


Annalee Newitz

Great scifi romances: Titan, by John Varley. Dark Light, by Ken MacLeod. The Left Hand of Darkness, by Ursula Le Guin. He, She, and It, by Marge Piercy.

If anybody ever gave me Heinlein for V-Day, it would be like anti-romance, sort of like some dude asking me to bring him coffee after we had sex.