Can You Predict What the Most Annoying Tech Halloween Costume Will Be This Year?

There are going to be a ton of contenders for the most annoying Halloween costume this year: Honey Boo Boo and Mama June. PSY. Paul Ryan pumping iron. Binders full of women. You already know. Anything that turns viral or comes close to becoming a meme is going to be a 'creative' costume come Halloween time. What do you guys think will be the worst?

As for tech related costume annoyingness, I can already imagine vomiting to iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S-sized (or iPad and iPad mini-sized) couple costumes. Or Instagram frames. Or Instagram filters. Or #nofilter. Maybe a group of friends can dress up and be that dance troupe from the Surface commercial. Or pretend to be an Apple line up like in those Samsung commercials. What do you think will be the most annoying tech costume this year? [Ranker via Neatorama]


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