Canadian Android Users Can Now Pay For Apps

According to BGR, customers of both Rogers and Fido in Canada are now able to download paid-for Android apps, after Google's long-going battle with Canadian carrier support. Unfortunately if you're a Bell or TELUS customer you may have to wait a wee bit longer to get your hands on the likes of the Car Locator app. [BGR]


Jarrett - [BRZ Boi]

Couple this with the fact that we only get good hardware months after it was released (Droid on Feb 17th).... It's unfortunate that (imo) the Big Three (Bell, Telus, Rogers) are able to pay off the useless bunch of morons at the CRTC. I can't see how anyone could argue otherwise, because the only "regulation" that occurs is the assurance of a continued cartel in a market that was only broken into after a court case. Communications in Canada is like...socialism? And expensive as hell.

I'm sure my Telus Milestone will get apps shortly though. *rollseyes*