Canon DSLRs Can Be Controlled Using This Handy Android App

At $8.50 this isn't just another novelty app to throw into your phone, but owners of a Canon EOS DSLR and Honeycomb tablet, or Samsung Galaxy S2 phone could find the remote (over USB) shooting feature very useful.


It works in a similar manner to the EOS computer software, so users can control each shot using their Android phone. That means you can tinker with ISO, shutter speed, aperture, exposure compensation and zoom, not to mention live view, auto-focus, manual-focus, the histogram, grid display, bulb capture, continuous capture, white balance...the list goes on. Check out the video above to see it in action, or for the full run-through of features on the Android Market. [Android Market via AndroidPolice]

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out of curiosity since i'm not a photog, what is the big benefit to having remote control when you're tethered 3 feet away from the cam? Wireless I would understand but if you're tethered and limited to a user interface that doesn't look much better than what would be on board the cam, I don't see why this is so awesome?