The Segway opened the floodgates for countless personal mobility devices, with designs that range from conservative to downright crazy. And the Aeyo—a cross between a scooter, a bicycle, and a pair of inline skates—falls somewhere in the middle of that scale.

The Aeyo is ridden in a standing position like a scooter, but instead of kicking off the ground or pedaling for propulsion, your feet are strapped into a pair of what look like inline skates, which are attached to the rest of the contraption with a pair of articulated legs. So a simple skating motion gets the Aeyo rolling, while steering and braking come courtesy of its handlebars.

Surprisingly, because the range of motion of the skates is limited, and because there's a handlebar to grasp, riding the Aeyo is supposedly a lot safer and easier than roller blading. There's still a bit of a learning curve with the Aeyo, however, even if you're already comfortable roller blading. But the risk of falling and scraping up your limbs is almost non-existent.

Targeted at commuters, fitness enthusiasts, and of course, extreme athletes—who will probably find countless ways to jump and flip this thing—the Aeyo is currently available for just north of $600. And while it does appear to provide a cheaper alternative to a car for getting to and from work, the real appeal here seems to be the full body workout you'd be getting during your commute. [Aemotics via Gizmag]