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Capo for iPhone: Learn to Play Any Song You Throw at It

Illustration for article titled Capo for iPhone: Learn to Play Any Song You Throw at It

There are plenty of music makers for the iPhone, but how many apps will teach you to play the songs you already have? Capo says it will do just that, taking any song you give it breaking it down, and letting you master it on your own instrument.


When you import a song in Capo (pronounced KAY-POE) it presents a waveform, where you can place song markers for quickly accessing certain parts of a song. While using the app, you can adjust pitch, learn chord progressions and loop sections of a song as you perfect your own playing. Capo will even help you tune your guitar or bass.

You can download Capo in the App Store now for $20. There's also a version of OS X in the Mac App Store. [Capo via iTunes]

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Bean Burrito

Also, by hitting the Capo app button it allows you to go into your catch-all drawer and grab a rubberband. After that it's just a simple matter of placing your iphone to any fret you want and by using the rubberband hold the iphone in place. Instant Capo! (But in your pants.)

I thought this program was going to tell me what chords to play, but I can see by the video that it's much easier to learn to play by reading the soundwave.