Card Skimmer Beatdown: We Want You

Illustration for article titled Card Skimmer Beatdown: We Want You

After we posted our card skimmer in the wild and attack of the card skimmers stories, many people responded by saying that they've seen these illegal gadgets everywhere. Well, can you prove it?


We want you to take photos of card skimmers you stumble across while getting cash. To spot these crime-ridden machines, here are a few things to look for:
• Ill-fitted card slots
• More than one mirror (some actually may have two mirrors)
• Suspicious lighting
• Unusual ATM error messages
• Difficulty inserting or removing your ATM card.
• If there are other ATMs around, compare them side-to-side, if one of them looks unusual, it's time to pull out your cameras.

Take photos of them in—camouflaged (or not) on the ATM—and then e-mail them to us at with the subject line "Card Skimmer Beatdown." Please don't forget to contact the authorities/bank managers before you leave. In the war between card skimmers and Gizmodo readers, it's time to fight back.


Can I wear a Batman costume while I search for these card skimmers?