Carve Out a Place For Your Nostalgia with Custom-Made Wooden Photos

Nowadays, we take most of our photos digitally and they stay digital. Photo paper and bulky albums are dead. So if you are compelled to print you photos for some reason, you might as well try to make it interesting, like printing them as tactile wood reliefs with the Photocarver.


Designed by Michael Ahlers and Roland Heuger, the Photocarver prints out pictures by carving designs into the pieces of plywood it uses as paper. It's got a number of settings, allowing it to carve the shots in in a series of lines, or in a series of drilled-in dots. Either way, the further away you step, the more the picture reveals itself in the collection of carved divots.

You can even upload and order your own at the Photocarver website, but beware, at roughly 200 dollars a pop it ain't cheap. But that's the cost of being unique. Just think of all the money you've saved on not developing photos over the years. [Photocarver via Designboom]

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I cut this Morgan three-wheeler out of 1/4" plywood as my first project on the scrollsaw. Cutting, painting, and gluing took a week. It also took me a few hours in Photoshop to produce the pattern.