Casey Affleck Apparently Doesn't Think His Brother Is Coming Back as Batman

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In the DC movie universe, it’s one of the biggest questions there is. Will Ben Affleck continue playing Batman after Justice League? Rumors suggest he won’t, Affleck continues to suggest he will—but, in a new interview, his brother Casey seems to think he’s out.

Speaking on WEEI Sports Radio Network, Affleck was asked if his brother would be coming back to do Matt Reeves’ solo Batman movie:

“He’s not going to do that movie, I don’t think,” Affleck says. “Or so I would say.” This seems definitive until the hosts say Casey is “breaking news.” Immediately, the actor kind of walks back the comments. “Is that breaking news? I was just kind of making that up,” he adds before a bunch of people talking over each other.


For full context, you can listen for yourself around 6:38 in this clip.

Is Casey Affleck being serious? He’s an Oscar-winning actor, after all, and not one to be above playing pranks on people (he directed a full movie just about that). But he certainly seems genuine here. Genuine in his first answer and genuine in his surprise that people weren’t aware of it. He also said he made it up, which has to be noted. So your guess is as good as ours.

What also has to be noted, though, is in several public appearances and interviews since the first story broke, Ben Affleck has not definitively said he would continue to be Batman after Justice League. He’s praised director Matt Reeves, who’ll be directing the solo film, said he’d love to work with him, but he’s never actually said he is going to be working with him. All of which adds up to a pretty good bet that Casey Affleck knows what he’s talking about.


We’ll find out for sure on November 17 when Justice League opens in theaters.

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