Casio Cell Phone

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Ah, the mysteries of the cellphone world. Why does Japan get gadgets and phones from companies that won't even think about selling those things here in the US? Well, most of them are Japanese or Korean companies after all, so I guess they're saving the best stuff for themselves. Also, we're so damn picky and our phone carriers blow chunks. So, it's no big surprise that Casio has announced its W41CA cellphone with a 2.6-inch widescreen display over in Japan. With a high resolution of 240x400 pixels (most phone displays are stuck at 240x320 pixels), it's obviously a perfect phone for video watching. Also includes USB port, miniSD card slot, FM Tuner, stereo speaker, 70MB internal memory and is pretty compact for all its features, weighing only 4.4 ounces. Comes in Nordic White, Fiesta Orange and Fjord Black.

New Casio W41CA Mobile Phone with 2.6 inch Wide Screen [i4u]


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