A short look to be sure, but you get a strong sense of the show’s tone and epic, globe-trotting scope. “We wanted Fogg, yes, to be a preposterously upper middle class over-educated Englishman, but I wanted to give him a sort of childlike sense of wonder because he’s never traveled, he’s never left London or his club,” head writer Ashley Pharaoh told Deadline. “As soon as I hit on that, I thought it’s a love letter to the world, if that isn’t a bit pretentious. He goes to Paris and India and Hong Kong and Yemen and he’s so excited to see a camel, the different colors and cultures. It felt like resetting our relationship with traveling and seeing the world like that.”


Starring alongside Tennant, Koma, and Benesch are Jason Watkins (Dirk Gently) and Peter Sullivan (The Borgias) plus a slew of guest stars. Episodes are directed by Steve Barron (the live-action Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie), Brian Kelly (Torchwood), and the late, great Charles Beeson, who directed episodes of Person of Interest, Torchwood, Fringe and many others.

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