Catching Up: West Coast San Francisco Funde Razor Meetup For the Kids!

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Hey Brian, looks like you got to meet a lot of NY readers over there in the Giz gallery. Luckily for me, we're going to have a similar event, minus the gigantic TV, but plus a lot of booze, over here in SF. It's called the Funde Razor SF event.

Here are the details. It's going on Wednesday, December 10, and readers'll get the chance to hang out with the WC Giz crew. There's no cover charge, but people should bring some cash for a donation and booze. Booze! Prizes! And good company! That says fun to me.


Oh, and I also finish Ashcraft's Arcade Mania book, and it was a good read all the way through. Lots of pictures and lots of great details about Japanese arcades. Hey, you can even see him appear on Japanese TV over at Kotaku.

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Cool...I wish I could stop by Funde Razor. But I'm not in the US... *sniff*