Dean Kamen's Private Island Is Now Entirely Off the Grid

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The father of the Segway and 'Luke' cyborg arm has taken North Dumpling Island-his private Bond villain hideaway off the Connecticut coast-entirely off the grid with a complete (and badass) LED lighting overhaul.


By letting his friends at Philips Color Kinetics take the reigns ol' North Dumpling is now fitted with energy sipping LED lighting inside and out. This resulted in in-house energy consumption dropping by 70%, and ensures his on-site replica of stonehenge gets the dramatic splash of nighttime green and purple it so clearly deserves (total energy reduction was to 50% when all of the new colored outside lighting is factored in). Still, it was enough to take the island entirely off the grid; Kamen produces all of his own juice with wind and solar power.

While this could be a strong indication that Kamen is going Blofeld and that one of North Dumpling's mountains could soon be shaped into his facial likeness, it's a cool real-world demonstration of the benefits we could soon reap when LED lighting drops into the realm of affordability for people who don't own their own islands. Check out more photos at: [Bits]