Caution, Your AT&T Rep May Not Know What's Going On Yet With the New Data Plans

We're getting a lot of tips that local AT&T reps—and even the office of the president—are telling people things like the new smartphone data plans don't affect the iPhone and the iPad, or that you'll still be able to get an unlimited plan once the new ones arrive on June 7. That is untrue.


An AT&T spokesman says that "They are just learning about the plans today, so it's possible not everyone is quite up to speed at midday."

All smartphones, iPhones and iPads will fall under the new plans, detailed here, if you start a new contract after June 7.

Some scenarios:

• If you come from Verizon (or wherever) to AT&T after June 7, you'll have to get either the $15/200MB plan or $25/2GB plan with your new smartphone. There won't be any kind of unlimited option.

• If you already have a $30 unlimited smartphone data plan on AT&T for an iPhone (or BlackBerry or whatever smartphone), you can get a new phone and keep your old unlimited plan when you renew your contract after June 7—you just can't add tethering.

• If you have an original iPhone, and are still using the $20/month unlimited data plan, you can get a new smartphone and be grandfathered in with an unlimited plan (though you'll pay $30/month, and you can't get tethering).


• If you're a current AT&T smartphone customer with a "no commitment contract" that has unlimited data, you can sign a new contract with unlimited data

• If you have an iPad with 3G data, and the billing period starts before June 7, you'll have unlimited data, and if you let it renew automatically every month, you'll keep the unlimited plan for as long as you let it renew.


• If you have an iPad 3G and sign up for a new data plan after June 7, it'll be for the $15/200MB or $25/2GB package.

• Corporate people: If your workplace takes care of your phone, AT&T says "for new lines added for Corporate Responsibility Users after June 7, it will depend on our contract with the company." If you are an Individual Responsibility user, "one of the new plans will need to be selected."


Hope that helps.



I average 300Mb / month on my "unlimited" so I can save 5bux by dropping to the $25 plan? Nice. If I can wean myself off the other 100Mb I could save 15bux a month. Sweet!