CEDIA 2006: Pioneer's Plasmas Have Built-In Networking, Streams Video From Your PC

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Pioneer's three announced Elite PureVision plasma TVs not only have a redesigned glass and a First Surface PRO Color Filter, it's got the Home Media Gallery home networking feature that we saw earlier. The 42-inch PRO-940HD, 50-inch PRO1140HD, and 60-inch PRO-1540HD all have improved brightness and, efficiency and contrast—as if they'd have worse brightness, efficiency and contrast?

The home networking lets you stream movies, music or pictures from your PC or DLNA device, but there's no mention of what kind of video codecs this thing can stream from your PC. Most likely MPEG2, but we'll see.


The plasmas all have dual HDMI, NTSC and ATSC tuners, and a CableCard slot. the 42-inch will be $4,000, the 50-inch will be $5,500 and the 60-inch will be $8,000.

We'll see what Travis thinks when he revisits TVs later today.

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