Celebrate Game Boy's 25th Anniversary With a Tetris Birthday Card

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Nintendo's Game Boy turned 25 this week. We've come a very long way in mobile gaming since then, but the gray brick with the queasy green screen still holds a place in our hearts. And Petr Tichy's browser-based tribute brings back the most universal Game Boy memory of all: Tetris. Go ahead, hum along with the music.


Yes, there are a ton of ways to get your Tetris fix today, and if you're jonesing to stack some Tetriminos (the technical name for the four-block bricks falling from the top of the screen) this scroll-only tribute won't scratch that itch. Think of it more as an interactive birthday card.

Happy birthday, Game Boy. You'll always be the original, Game Boy. [Petr Tichy via Co.Design]

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I sure do love Tetris. I still play it a few times a week just to relax or waste some time. I play it at freetetris.com, but unfortunately they recently began showing 20 second ads every two games you play. Not that big of a deal, but kinda annoying anyway.