Cell Phone Service Has Been Suspended in Boston (Update: It's Just Overloaded)

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Following the explosions at the Boston Marathon, all cell phone service has been suspended in the Boston area to prevent the remote detonation of any (possible) remaining explosives, according to an unnamed AP source.

If you need to check up on someone in the area, you can use Google's Person Finder or the database of runner check-ins instead. If you live in the area, please consider opening your Wi-Fi network for use by those in need.


Two hotlines have also been established. For inquiries about individuals, you can call 1-617-635-4500. To provide any useful information you may have, you can call 1-800-494-TIPS. [Associated Press]

Update: The Associated Press has walked back its initial reports and is now saying that cell phone networks are not in fact down. Cell phone companies have now told the Associate Press that service has not been suspended though networks are overloaded with traffic. We've reached out to carriers and Boston Police Department and are waiting to hear back.

Update 2: We've heard back from both T-Mobile and Verizon Wireless, both of which say they did not receive any kind of request to suspend service.

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Fortunately, our prayers and warm thoughts do not require cellular service.