Cellular South Is Now C Spire. What?

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Cellular South, the largest privately owned wireless telecomm in the U.S. is changing its name to C Spire.


Let's not beat around the bush here: What is a "C Spire"? The first dozen times Cellular South CEO Hu Meena said it I swore he said "Cease Fire." According to him, "The C is for Customers." Barf. What's wrong with Cellular South? It told you what they did and where they were.

Name change silliness aside, they announced a bunch of new services, the most legitimately interesting being an "infinite" data plan. Infinite! That sounds even better than unlimited! No real details on that, though, or on the rollout of 4G LTE data services which are coming in the future.

The change becomes official this coming Monday, September 26th. If you want to hear more about all the blah blah blah, you can read some more blah blah blah here.



I know not what to say. I honestly don't. My phone plan is with Cellular South (they're based out of Mississippi), and changing their name is beyond any understanding.

However I will say that their cell phone coverage in this area is impeccable, covering many areas where the other companies do not, including Verizon. For smartphone data plans, usage is already unlimited, so here's hoping this means mobile broadband will go unlimited as well. They do have mobile broadband packages already on par with what Sprint, Verizon, et al, offer. They're capped still at the usual 5GB.

And there's been rumors floating around that they are due to roll out 4G LTE into a number of their coverage areas very soonish (I've heard from a number of folks by the end of this year).

I wonder if this means that Cellular So... I mean... C Spire *gag* is looking to go national. I hope not, because they're a small company like Cingular used to be, and when you call customer service, you get an American person on the other end of the line, not a machine and not someone from someplace else. The company does work with you, and I've been well pleased with them.

I hope and pray this all means good things for CS's future. But there's still that little twinge that presents itself slightly foreboding.