Celsius X VI II's Mysterious Mechanical Cellphone Gets Slightly Less Mysterious

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Last month, I risked life and limb to tell you about Celsius X-VI-II, a shadowy French company who was building a $300,000 mechanical cellphone. The first pictures of the phone have surfaced, though they don't exactly answer our questions.

The phone's official unveiling is still to come next week at Baselworld Watch Show, but these shots from Watchismo at least give you a sense of what an ultraluxury, butterfly-inspired mechanical cell phone looks like.


The body is transparent, so owners can check out the phone's mechanical guts and remind themselves why they paid so damn much for the thing. Yes, yes, we agree, super expensive phones are very dumb and almost always gauche, but Celsius's quest to mechanize this bizarre gadget is keeping us interested.

The company seems awfully proud of some sort of micromechanical system that functions when the clamshell is opened and closed, but it's still not really clear what that's all about. At lamest, all of the mechanical business is just for the clock on the face of the phone. At raddest, the mechanisms power the phone in ways we can't even conceive of.

And so the mystery of Celsius X VI II and their mechanical phone endures. Hopefully Baselworld will bring Celsius and their phone out of the shadows once and for all. [The Awesomer via Watchismo]

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t('-'t)....The Unpronounceable (KTope)

I see no merit whatsoever. This is a completely worthless product.

If I ever get close enough to one of these one of these clumsy, hideous monstrosities, I'll spit on it and bitch-slap the imbecile who paid for it.