Cerwin Vega Rocks the Casbah With a Full 21 Inches of Subwoofer Gargantuism

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Good God, Cerwin Vega! You think that 21-inch subwoofer is going to be big enough? While the speaker is immense, the company's designed it into an enclosure that's the size of a plain old 15-inch sub. This self-powered pile driver has a 1200-watt amp inside, certainly enough bone-rattling power to draw the ire of that poor sap who lives in the apartment below you. If that's too much for you to bear, the behemoth has a little brother that's "just" 18 inches in diameter with a 700-watt amplifier built in.

We've always been big Cerwin Vega fans, enamored of the speakers' punchy sound and high efficiency. In fact, a significant portion of your humble narrator's hearing damage can be attributed to this brand of shimmering and squeaky-clean loudspeaker.

To join this club, you'd better be major-league serious about your subs, though, because the 21-inch CVA-121 goes for $1,999, and its 18-inch CVA-118 sibling follows behind at $1,499. If the past is prologue, both are probably worth it.


21-inch subwoofer from Cerwin Vega [fosfor gadgets]

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Ehh who even uses logitec subs to their max,everyone is always telling me to turn it down. With my home theater I got speakers that can take 120watts per channal and I could only find one amp that even could reach 110 per channal. Its nice to have all this stuff but the only place i could think of that I'd be alowed to blast my music is in a car, and somthing like this would blow the windows out lol.