I can't say that the Matrix Unplugged Chair looks very comfortable, but it certainly does look badass. That's because it's made from the torpedo-lifting jaws of a nuclear submarine. That's right: the parts that used to handle delicate explosive torpedoes will now be handling your delicate ass.

You adjust the chair using all sorts of fancy motorized hydraulics, with loads of small adjusters that allow you to position it just so. Not that it looks like any position would be all that comfortable.


It's a one-of-a-kind piece, an original prototype that was never used for a full line. Because of that, and because it's made out of parts from, you know, a nuclear submarine, it ain't cheap. We're talking $37,000. For a chair. An awesome looking chair, but a chair nonetheless. I'll stick to my cheap office chair, thanks. [Device Gallery via BornRich]

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