Change of Heart! Twitter Now Reportedly Testing Different Emoji

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Twitter users made it pretty clear last week. A puffy red heart isn’t always the best way to favorite/like/star/bookmark/acknowledge tweets. Maybe Twitter is listening: It is reportedly testing the ability to select different emoji.


The Verge reports that some users like @_Ninji have accessed a developer version of the Twitter app where there are three screens of emoji options in addition to the heart itself. So yes, you might be able to “sob face” instead of “loving” something you really didn’t like that much. The screenshots posted don’t seem to show how the emojis are displayed, though.

If this is for real, this interaction would make Twitter’s favoriting system similar to the way Slack allows any emoji to be appended as a reaction, although there doesn’t seem to be a way to add more than one reaction emoji yet. Twitter has not responded to additional questions about the heart or bringing back the star but they did send this comment to Verge writer Casey Newton:

So there you have it.

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Is it just me or is that maybe too much? Kinda liked the simplicity of faves (I guess likes now) or retweets