Charlize Theron and Damon Lindelof explain the deeper meanings of Prometheus!

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The star and writer of Prometheus explain that, while the original was about how in space no one can hear you scream, this movie is about how space changes you forever. Also, just how classy is Charlize Theron's Prometheus nudity?


All that plus more awesome concept art for The Avengers, including our first look at SHIELD Agent Maria Hill.

It's a good day for Stargate alums, as one joins The Dark Knight Rises and another joins Fringe.

And Emma Stone explains just what makes The Amazing Spider-Man a whole new take on our favorite web-slinger!

Spoilers from here on out!

Top image from In Time.

The Dark Knight Rises

Christopher Judge, who played Teal'c on Stargate: SG-1, has confirmed that he has a role in the movie. [Gateworld]

The Avengers

Here's the full set of concept art for the movie. If you check out the Nick Fury image, you can see our first look at Cobie Smulders as Maria Hill, albeit in illustrated form. [The HD Room]


The Amazing Spider-Man

Emma Stone explains what makes this movie unique from the Sam Raimi films:

"One of the great hopes of this 'Spider-Man' is it will capture the reality of Peter Parker and the small intimate moments that occur in his life. It's entirely something new and different. It didn't feel like a big love story. It's a small love story set in this unbelievable, incredible world. It's about two teenagers falling in love.


[The LA Times]

Man of Steel

New Superman Henry Cavill confirmed filming has begun in Chicago. And he says the script is one of the best he's ever seen. [Access Hollywood]



Charlize Theron explains the arc of her character, Meredith Vickers:

She's the suit that runs the company that has nickeled and dimed this whole thing together, to fund this mission...She starts out one thing and ends up another thing. It's a pretty nice surprise, toward the third act, so I don't want to ruin that for you, but she really does start out very one-dimensional. The great thing about Ridley is that he shoots everything so layered that you always wonder. There were many days that I showed up and he would do this tiny little thing like throw me in the corner, just lurking. And then, all of a sudden, that became a character trait. I would always be in the corner, lurking over everybody, and not saying anything, but just watching. Then, you realize that it really adds to this enigma of this character and what her agenda really is.


Theron also declared she's "naked, the entire time", though writer Damon Lindelof made clear that it was "in a very classy way." Later, Lindelof explained some of the movie's ideas:

I think that one of the really interesting ideas that the movie is dealing with is this sense that space exploration, particularly in the future, is going to start to involve this idea that it's not just about going out there and finding planets, so that we can build colonies, or anything else. There's also this inherent idea that, the further we go out, perhaps the more we learn about ourselves. And, I think the characters in this movie – some of them at least – are very preoccupied with the idea of, "Where did we come from? What are our origins? What is our place in the universe? Are we the only sentient beings, or are there others?" That was not really a part of the original Alien movie, where it was just, "Hey, we're miners. Oh shit, we ended up stepping in this huge pile of very frightening shit!" So, although there are elements like that in this movie, and there certainly are scares, the idea of fundamentally and thematically exploring this idea of creation was always a big deal for Ridley.



In Time

Andrew Niccol reveals that the Justin Timberlake immortality thriller has some hidden connections to his previous sci-fi directorial effort:

When I was doing Gattaca, I knew the holy grail of genetic engineering was to discover the aging gene, and switch it off. You'll see, even in Gattaca, the symbol of the genetically superior in this world is the infinity symbol. Obviously, their goal was to live forever.

Are they intentionally tied together?
They're not intentionally tied together, but the implications are so great. If everyone could live forever, then there would be massive overpopulation, so that's why I came up with the idea of trading time; I just knew that would be the focus of the story. I thought it was a different movie [than Gattaca], and it turned out to be a different movie.


He revealed there are some actual homages to Gattaca in the movie, but these are buried pretty deep.

The Hobbit

Andy Serkis explains his responsibilities as the film's second unit director:

"He's always been aware that directing is an area that I want to move into, as well as acting. It was a wonderful opportunity and made sense. "I'm there to be very much his eyes and reflect his sensibility, but at the same time he said, 'Andy, I want you to go out there and be bold and make good choices and just bring back some interesting stuff. He's been incredibly generous with what he's given me to do."


[MTV Movies Blog]

Torchwood: Miracle Day

Here's a promo and some photos for the next episode, "Escape to LA." [Blogtor Who]


Joe Flanigan, best known for playing John Sheppard on Stargate: Atlantis, has tweeted that he will be appearing on the show. [Fringe Spoilers]


Executive producer Joel Wyman has revealed the season premiere is called "A Sort of Homecoming." [@JWFRINGE]

Here are some of the very first season four set photos. [SpoilerTV]

True Blood

Here's a promo for episode six, "I Wish I Was The Moon."

Joe Mangianello talks about whether Sookie and Alcide will ever get together:

I really do believe - and some of the producers and writers agree with me - if Sookie didn't disappear, Alcide would've built that house for her. As you can see in episode three, Alcide is obviously worried. The way the door was answered, he wanted to kiss her! Being a werewolf, he's had to stomp on a lot of his impulses. All I can say is when anybody continually stomps on impulses, there's going to be a reaction. What's amazing this season is that you see those emotions and physical reactions.

How will the witches adversely affect his life?
Their actions trickle down to everybody. And there's also gonna be a lot of problems between the werewolves and shape-shifters. They're gonna butt heads big-time. It will send ripples through the show.



The Walking Dead

Here are some season two promo photos. [ShockTillYouDrop]

Person of Interest

Here are five casting calls for the show's second episode:

1.) MALE (40-55; any ethnicity) - INGRAM. A telegenic tech mogul in the mold of Steve Jobs, he's a friend and partner of Finch's. The face of Ingram Technologies, their collaboration has made Ingram one of the richest men in the world. RECURRING GUEST STAR;
2.) FEMALE (16-17; Caucasian) - THERESA. Street smart and tough out of necessity, a once-promising straight A student. Because of a tragedy, she's become feral and street-hardened, hanging out with skater kids, and trying to stay alive. Wary and aggressive when she needs to be, Theresa doesn't trust anyone. She believes she's safer on her own, and she might be right. GUEST STAR;
3.) FEMALE (mid 30's-mid 40's; any ethnicity) - REBECCA. Theresa's aunt, was shocked and horrified by her family's tragedy. Two years after the incident she is now divorced from her husband. GUEST STAR;
4.) MALE (40's; Caucasian) - DEREK. He is Theresa's uncle who has a history of making poor business decisions. He looks like he's living on borrowed time and money, and he's filled with guilt and shame for his part in his brother's family. GUEST STAR;
5.) MALE (40's; Caucasian) - CALHOUN. An upwardly mobile MBA/Ivy League type, he's the face of Shamrock Holdings. GUEST STAR;

That's just the start of the list of guest and co-stars that the show is looking for - there are fifteen (15!) more at the link. []



Episode four will reportedly be called "Defending Your Life." [SpoilerTV]

Warehouse 13

Caprica's Sasha Roiz previews his new character Marcus, who he says will appear in quite a few episodes this season:

How Marcus arrived. You know what? It's a little bit of a mystery which will be revealed later in the season, so I can't tell you specifically. But I'm definitely part of a - sort of the nefarious force that's working against the Warehouse this season. So I'm certainly not alone in that. There's a few people that I work in conjunction with which are also some interesting guest stars that you'll see. But, I can't tell you the specifics of it because there's a little bit of a mystery revolving Marcus specifically.


He also revealed that he shot a scene involving Pete, Myka, Steve, and Jaime Murray's H.G. Wells. [Starry Mag]

Teen Wolf

Here's a trailer for the rest of season one. [KSiteTV]

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Just wondering: Why do trailers or promo pics for time/space/mind-bendy thrillers currently feature people running through a concrete jungle in slightly messed-up evening wear? Was there a formal dress sale in Bloomingdales?