Charlize Theron Plays a Cold War Super-Spy in Atomic Blonde

Yesterday, we saw her doing techno-sorcery on cars in the Fate of the Furious trailer. Today, Charlize Theron is making quick work of Cold War antagonists in Atomic Blonde.

Directed by David Leitch (John Wick, Deadpool 2) and written by Antony Johnston, Atomic Blonde is adapted from the Oni Press graphic novel The Coldest City, also written by Johnston and drawn by Sam Hart. Theron plays an elite British spy tasked with getting sensitive information out of a hostile metropolis. The red-band trailer for the upcoming movie sports some gnarly fight choreography and James McAvoy in excellent retro fashion. Atomic Blonde will be out this summer.

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I was always hoping they’d finally make a Black Widow movie!