We're pretty big fans of 37 Signal's web-based applications around here—we use Basecamp almost every day. So when they offered us a free trial of their new web-based chat application Campfire, we had to give it a shot—especially the 'guest chat' features which allow us to put this link at the end of the post that will get you one free ticket to a world of AJAXy discussion.

We're pretty sure the room limit is set to 40 users, so if you can't get in, that's probably why. But give it a whirl—we'd like to see how this thing operates when we're pushing it to its limits. (Plus we really get off on banning people willy-nilly.)


It's web-based IRC with in-line pictures. Nothing could possibly go wrong with that, right?

Gizmodo Campfire Chat Room [CampfireNow]

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