Check Out the Elaborate VFX Work That Went Into Avengers: Infinity War's Post-Credits Scene

Captain is a sad Captain.
Captain is a sad Captain.
Image: Marvel Studios

One of the most striking moments (of many) in Avengers: Infinity War is the post-credits scene. We already knew that short, dramatic sequence was shot almost entirely using CGI, and now we’ve got a much better look at how it came together.


That work, along with a healthy amount of other effects work for the film, was done by VFX studio RISE, a Germany-based visual effects studio with hands in a number of Marvel films. Recently, the firm released a VFX reel on Vimeo showcasing their work, including a lot of spoiler-ific looks at how that post-credits scene came together. In a film of wall-to-wall special effects, this work is still striking.

Impressively, according to the studio the whole thing was done in just eight weeks, which, for high-quality special effects, is lightning fast. Check out the whole reel below, which is, warning, very spoiler-heavy. It also includes footage of RISE’s other effects work on the field, including some lovely Wakanda work and Captain Strange’s magic portals.

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