Chevy Volt Uses GPS to Maximize Electric Engine Use

Illustration for article titled Chevy Volt Uses GPS to Maximize Electric Engine Use

Points to Chevy for utilizing GPS in a brilliant way. Their new Volt features plug-in batteries powering an electric engine that, while promising, are only good for a 40-mile range without gas backup. So what do you do if you want to burn as little gas as possible, other than stay far below 40 miles of driving? To maximize battery use, the Volt's GPS gauges how far you are from home and coordinates when/if the integrated gasoline-based generator should run to recharge the battery. In other words, the car is smart enough to know whether you're 2 miles away from recharging or whether you are trapped in the desert with no hope in site. Nothing technically impressive here, just smart design. [Jalopnik]



I really like that it uses a lower tech device - its clock - to determine when daily energy rates are lower, and waits until then to charge. Very intelligent.