Chocolate-Flavored Envelopes Just Solved the Worst Thing About Valentine's Day

The restaurants are crowded, the roses are expensive, but on Valentine's Day you'll do anything for your significant other—except licking the awful envelope seal on the card you bought. Why the greeting card industry opts for the lowest-grade toxic glue it can find is a mystery, but thankfully there's now a vastly superior alternative—chocolate-flavored envelopes.

Available in ten packs for just $13, the flavored envelopes come with blank note cards so they're actually perfect for any occasion, not just Valentine's Day. So no longer do you have to dread occasions like birthdays or weddings. In fact, you might even be inspired to celebrate even the tiniest achievements in life if it means you get a taste of that chocolate goodness. "Congratulations on your successful eye exam, son!" [ThinkGeek]


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