If you were ever a child, you probably remember spending hours reading choose-your-own-adventure books, making the wrong choice, and pretending you made all the right decisions the first time. Well, here's a chance to relive those days, but with YouTube. It's not the first time someone has done this on YouTube, but Frumple's Quest is a decent way to recapture a brief moment of that magic.

Ukinjo funded the project through Indiegogo.com all the way back in 2012, so it's nice to see him finally deliver. As for Frumplequest, he's an old character given new life after a long wait for fans.


I almost managed to make it the whole way without dying, but I got tripped up in the volcano. And I don't know how well all of you will fare, but I do know you'll learn at least one lesson Frumplequest should have kept in mind: don't treat your crew like shit. Y'know... if you ever have a crew.