Chris Nolan's short list of women to play Batman's love interest — and nemesis!

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More big name casting rumors are surfacing about Chris Nolan's third Batman film, The Dark Knight Rises. So who does Nolan have his eye on for Batman's next romantic interest, and a possible female villain? Here's the list.

Deadline is reporting from an anonymous source that Nolan is looking these women for two lead female roles:

Rachel Weisz
Naomi Watts
Blake Lively
Natalie Portman
Anne Hathaway
Keira Knightley


No real shocker here as this set of women are seemingly attached to every big budget film currently casting. But the real news is the Deadline report seems to confirm the existence of a new love for Batman, and a new female villain. Last we heard, Bruce Wayne's new squeeze was rumored to be Julie Madison. Who has the potential to bring Clayface along with her as the film's villain, but that is still wild speculation.


As for the villains, we're still crossing our fingers for a Nolan Catwoman, but deep inside, I think we're all banking on Talia al Ghul, Ras al Ghul's crazy little girl. As this character would already fit into the backstory Nolan set up in Batman Begins.

[Top image is a fan made poster via Babs' Bat Cave]