Christian Faur's Crayon Art Will Make You Cross-Eyed

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You are familiar with drawing and crayons, but Christian Faur is taking a different approach to the medium. He uses hundreds of thousands of individual crayons to produce a single, pixelated image.


The product is a series of photorealistic landscapes and figurative images that are formed at the surface of the thousands of tightly packed crayon tips. The imagery that makes up this new body tends to focus on isolated elements represented as children, barns, water towers, etc. withinin determinate landscapes, which are intended to reference the individual crayon whose solitary existence, like that of the individual element, is rendered obsolete in the amalgamate.

I have developed a mapping system that translates the English alphabet into twenty six discrete colors and I use these crayon "fonts" to add words and language to each of the pieces in the show… The direct representation of language in each piece further imbues the works with meaning and brings an aspect of color into each composition reminiscent of DNA coding. The alphabetic key at the lower left of each panel allows the viewer to interpret the individual words written throughout the various panels.


Uh huh. Dude...stare at it and you will go cross-eyed! [Christian Faur via PSFK]