CIA Airlines: Inflatable Getaway Plane Delivered Upon Request

You find yourself held under "house arrest" in a remote jungle region of Indonesia, sometime in the late 1950s. You may have your suit, fedora and at least one halfway decent tie, but the chances of getting back to the US of A seem slim. The CIA thinks you're not so dispensable, so spytechs—with the help of the always patriotic Goodyear Company—build an inflatable airplane that they can drop into a jungle clearing. Here's what it looks like when fully inflated and ready for takeoff:


One version was apparently inflated by adding water to special pellets which produced gas. Another version says the engine itself, sans prop, pumped the plane up. Either way, it quickly became airworthy and, as a raft as well, could use a body of water as a takeoff strip.

One of the agents involved told the Spycraft authors that it was a viable invention: "We tested it and it worked out pretty good." He admits, though, that the project was killed, probably because of "politics." When a similar crisis emerged later on, the agent thought to pull it out of storage and put it to work, but by then, it had rotted and cracked in a secret CIA warehouse. (They probably shouldn't have put it right next to the Arc of the Covenant.) [More CIA Spytech from the Spycraft Book]

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