Cincinnati Patrolled By Real-Life Superheroes. What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

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Cincinnati has its own Allegiance of Heroes led by a 21-year-old masked superhero named Shadowhare. These superheroes patrol the streets carrying legal weapons in hopes of hindering evildoers. This will so not end well.


Many of these crime fighters are a part of the The World Superhero Registry, which we've mentioned before. And I'm assuming the Registry will have to take responsibility for putting these heroes together once their mangled carcasses are discovered floating in a river somewhere.

According to Cincinnati's WLWT, Shadowhare has been teaming up with members Aclyptico in Pennsylvania, Wall Creeper in Colorado and Master Legend in Florida.

"I've even teamed up with Mr. Extreme in California — San Diego — and we were trying to track down a rapist," said Shadowhare.

As of right now Shadowhare has only experienced a dislocated shoulder while trying to help a woman who was being attacked.

While I'm happy that citizens are trying to rid the streets of crime, I cannot imagine what would happen if we dropped the Allegiance off in a real crime-ridden street. Imagine these costumed kids getting dropped off at "the towers" on The Wire, now that's a TV cross over show that should have been filmed. They're like moving targets for a superhero hate crime. Be safe, fellas.


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I would totally be a masked vigilante if I wasn't a sickly 115 with no fighting skills so I can't blame anyone for wanting to be a super hero, but dude, get in shape, get illegal weapons, and stay out of the light. For pete's sake. *weary sigh*