CinemaNow Extends Video Download Service to Xbox 360s

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Unsatisfied with the selection on Xbox 360's Marketplace for movies? CinemaNow, the PC movie download and rental store, has updated their Media Manager software to allow rented or purchased movies to be viewed on the Xbox 360. Over 7,000 of them.

Now when you buy or rent one a flick, your Vista or XP machine will be able to see your Xbox 360 as a connected machine (while using their Media Manager). Not only that, there's the Burn-to-DVD option on Vista, which lets you (obviously) burn your movies onto a DVD and watch them on any standard DVD player. Like your Xbox 360, for example.

MARINA DEL REY, Calif. — July 18, 2007 — CinemaNow Inc., ( the premier online destination for downloadable Hollywood movies and TV shows, today released an upgraded version of its 'Media Manager', a proprietary software application enabling the download, management and playback of video content. CinemaNow video downloads are now directly accessible by networked Xbox 360™ users, and its Burn-to-DVD service is now compatible with Windows Vista™ users worldwide. This marks CinemaNow's latest effort to ensure that content purchased through the site can be viewed on multiple platforms - from PCs to portable devices to TVs.

"CinemaNow is on a mission to enable simple and fast integration into our customers' lives," said Curt Marvis, CEO of CinemaNow. "This upgrade alone makes our entire library of more than 7,000 videos available to the millions of Xbox users who are downloading movies online and watching them on their TVs."

To facilitate the downloading process, the Media Manager automatically downloads to a user's PC when a video is rented or purchased. It now has the ability to detect an Xbox 360 gaming console on a customer's home network. A customer can choose any video from CinemaNow's selection, download it to a Windows XP or Windows Vista PC and play it back on a TV using the Xbox 360 as a connective device. The new Media Manager also makes CinemaNow's exclusive Burn-to-DVD service available to Windows Vista users, so that they can choose select movies to burn a video to a DVD for playback in a standard DVD player

CinemaNow is integrating its service capabilities with more devices than any other online video provider to ensure that videos can be easily accessed via PCs, set top boxes (STBs), game consoles, and portable media players (PMPs), all with the ability to connect to TVs. The site is compatible with the latest WiFi PMPs from ARCHOS, which enable users to wirelessly download CinemaNow videos directly to their PMPs and stream them to their TVs. CinemaNow is also integrated with HP's upcoming line of MediaSmart LCD TVs, which enable customers to rent or purchase CinemaNow movies from their couch. The MediaSmart TV connects to a customer's home network either wired or wirelessly, so that a user can use their remote to purchase or rent a movie from CinemaNow, download the file to a designated hard-drive within their home network, and watch the video directly on their MediaSmart TV.

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Now here's a digital service I can get behind. Sure, there's most likely layers of DRM attached at every point, but as long as it doesn't disrupt one's ability to enjoy the media they purchased/rented, I see no reason to complain simply for the sake of complaining.

Watch it on tv, stream to a media box around the house or Burn-to-DVD for playing elsewhere. The only thing left out is a portable media version, eh?

Of course, I base this on the write-up, as it might not work as well as one would imagine, but this is indeed a very good step in uniting just consumer freedoms with necessary business securities.