Cisco Cius: The Biggest Difference Between a Tablet and a Business Tablet Is $400

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Oh, Cisco. I appreciate that you're elbowing your way to a seat at the Android tablet table. Everyone else is! But dropping a $750 Android slate on an unsuspecting enterprise market is not how you make friends, Cisco.

But wait, there's a justification! Which is probably not a good sign to begin with, needing one of those. Justifications, I mean. Cisco insists that the Cius's $750 is just the high-end price, but wholesale customers will be getting a much better deal. They say that it's built for the rigors of corporate communications, but then again so are rotary phones. And they've built in a clever little system that lets IT departments control what kind of apps their employees download.


Oh, Cisco. All the cool kids were doing it, and now you are too. But dressing a tablet up in an expensive suit doesn't make it a good dance partner. And I suspect that the companies who wake up and decide they desperately need tablets will just fine with any of the bigger and/or cheaper options out there. Which is pretty much all of them. [Business Insider]